Personalized Attention for Home Buyers and Sellers by Reisman Realty

There is more to the real estate experience than just buying or selling a house and signing contracts. Over the years, we have found that to do a complete job for a client, it entails much more. Initially educating the client regarding property location, site accessibility needs and pertinent usable space begins the process. Then we move forward to addressing the remodeling issues including vendor selection, value engineering the project with detailed inspections, and finally money management and financing. Also, the client may need assistance with selling or renting their existing property which may include staging, deferred maintenance, landscaping, and a whole array of other topics.

Personal Attention

All clients have special needs that are unique to their own lives. We make it a point to sit down and go over these issues before the process begins so that everyone has a good understanding of what will be required. As situations change, the pattern can be altered as necessary to best handle the necessary tasks, and we are personally involved with all these details so the experience does not seem so overwhelming. With a long experience in doing real estate, we can anticipate problems before they surface and clients can be better prepared to adapt and make wise decisions. We are personally involved with our clients for every aspect of their real estate.

Value Engineering

Most properties are not perfect when they are purchased. Being able to see what a property can be with some modifications helps enhance the potential for any property and maximizes the enjoyment and function. Mike can estimate costs, design concepts for modifications, and obtain vendors to perform the needed work, so clients know what to expect and what to budget before purchasing a property, plus this ensures that their purchase is made wisely from the beginning. He is also present during any remodeling to make sure all work is done properly and within budget.

REALTOR for Life

A superior REALTOR is as important to any client as their physician, attorney, or CPA. They are a valued advisor and a member of the investment team. Done properly, this is never about a commission and a concluded transaction. At Reisman Realty, we see this as an ongoing and always growing relationship that evolves and changes over time, just like our lives and our needs change. Many clients that started out as tenants in a rental property have become long term real estate investors and home owners with our team’s help and expertise.